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At Notre Dame we recognise that regular, purposeful homework is an essential component of children’s’ education. Homework can enhance the academic achievement of pupils and extend school activities into the home and community.  We expect that at a minimum, all children read every night. This is essential for our children to develop into confident and skilled readers.  The learning of age appropriate mathematical bonds (including multiplication tables) is also a high priority.

Good primary school practice requires that we give credence to other developmental needs of the children. We appreciate the value of extra-curricular activities, (sports, music, dancing, drama, the uniformed groups, other hobbies, etc.).

We recognise the demands made on pupils in Year 3 as they undertake the Sacramental Preparation programmes and in setting homework, we allow space for these. A well-balanced, healthy child should be encouraged to develop their particular interest in many of these activities in their own time.